​Welcome to Church of our Saviour!

We are a large international English Speaking Roman Catholic church with parishioners who come from around 95 different nationalities. We are part of the Diocese of Rotterdam. We were established about 60 years ago to provide services for the military stationed in The Hague just after the war and have had many homes and many pastors over the years. Fr Sjaak de Boer joined us in 1998, following earlier work in Kenya and Brazil. In 2003 we were able to find a permanent home in our lovely church, which we then shared with the local Dutch parish.  We took over responsibility for the whole building in 2008. Since then we have made a number of structural changes including the creation of a large and airy Pastoral Centre. Do come and visit us - you are bound to find someone with whom you have something in common!

​Mission Statement

We, the International English Speaking Roman Catholic Church of Our Saviour in The Hague, want to share our talents and opportunities to serve as messengers and instruments of Christ's Gospel. Through the wide variety of cultures and international networks, our Parish offers a unique opportunity to share the vision of God's Kingdom with the global community. We aim to show our love for God in the love for our neighbour and our environment and to connect our spirituality, religious formation and daily lives with the promotion of justice and peace.


As is evidenced in our Mission Statement, work for Justice and Peace at both local and international levels has a high priority for our activities and energy. Every year we hold an International Food Fair which raises substantial funds (last year 44,000 Euro) which are then disbursed to small scale charities around the world. We are active locally where we provide two meals a month at the local Homeless Centre and also assist the Sisters of Charity's Soup Kitchen in Rotterdam. Throughout the year there are all manner of other actions large and small whereby we try to show our solidarity with those in need or in trouble. All of this is possible only as a result of our tremendous volunteers and the generosity of parishioners. Why not come and join one or other of the groups - extra hands are always welcome.

Pastoral Care

If someone has pastoral or personal conerns or questions they would like to discuss or explore this is always possible. Simply contact the office to make an appointment to see Fr Sjaak or one of a small number of other counsellors we can put you in contact with. We will arrange for the sick to be visited, for communion to be brought to them or for them to be anointed, as appropriate. Parishioners are encouraged to let the office and Fr Sjaak know if they are aware of a person or family in difficulties so that we can offer appropriate help and support. Equally, if there are special events to be celebrated let us know so we can make the event more special!