Parish Board


The Parish Board is a group of parishioners that have been appointed by the Bishop and is an advisory organ that helps to manage the maintenance of the financial and material assets, the relationship with the city council, diocese, staff and the overall wellbeing of the parish. The Board manages the Parish employees, the building, grounds and the relationship with the city of Den Haag and the Diocese. Each member is appointed for a four year term. The Parish Priest is the Chairman of the Board and he is supported by the Vice Chair (Florence Ekokobe), Treasurer (Marcel van Adrichem), and Secretary (Michiel Heere). The Board meets about once every six weeks.  In addition, twice a year there is a joint meeting with the Pastoral Council. For contact with any of the Parish Board members, please contact +31(0)70 328 0816 or Email:



Trust Committee

The Trust Committee is a group of parishioners offering a listening ear to any fellow parishioner who has a concern regarding (a member of) the parish board, the parish council or a parish group, but feels reluctant to address the concern directly. Each member of the Trust Committee is trained and prepared to listen to concerns impartially and in full confidentiality. Sometimes, talking with someone you can trust can help to clarify your thoughts and see things in perspective. Together you might even find a way towards a solution. For a confidential appointment please contact one of the members in church. Their e-mail addresses will follow shortly. 
The members of the Trust Committee are:

Michel van de Kar
Born in the Netherlands (1968), lives in The Hague, is married, father of two small children and speaks English, Dutch and French. Profession: Judge. You can contact him at  

Marlene Falke
Born in the Netherlands (1962), lives in The Hague, is married, mother of 4 adolescents in the age from 16 to 23 and speaks English, Dutch and German. Works as pastoral worker in Leiden and consultant for the Diocese of Rotterdam.

Florence Ekokobe
Born in Nigeria, lives in the Hague, is married with 3 children. Speaks fluent English and Dutch. Profession: Internist. 

Victor Scheffer
Consultant to the Dutch Bischops Conference on matters on justice and peace. Former director of Justitia et Pax. Currently retired.