Parish Finances

The following transparent information, on the financial balance of 2015, is published in order to comply with the Dutch Tax-Office regulations: BalanceSheet2016.pdf.
For any questions regarding this balance, please contact our treasurer at 

Since our church has been officially recognized as an ANBI charity organization, our financial donors may have fiscal benefits, and qualify for the Dutch income-tax deduction.
One time donation deductible?
When you are considered a Dutch tax resident then you can deduct your gifts to COS above a certain threshold. The threshold is currently 1 percent of your taxable income (your so-called: verzamelinkomen).
Or returning donations?
If you are interested to donate our Church for a longer period of time, then you can also do a periodical donation to our Church. Then the gift is completely deductible from your taxable income.
A donation is considered periodical when:
  1. there is an agreement in writing;
  2. the amounts are at least once per year transferred to our Church;
  3. the amounts are the same more or less each year;
  4. the amounts are minimally transferred for minimal of 5 years to our Church; and
  5. our Church is not committed to deliver a counter deed related to the gift.
The periodical donation ends at the end term of the agreement (minimal after 5 years) or by the death of the person providing the gift and / or his or her partner.
In case you encounter unexpected unemployment you do not have to continue with the donations. The Tax Authorities need to provide a so-called  ‘vrijstelling’ , read ‘permission’ that the tax benefit does not have to be repaid.
Are you interested in more information about the possibility to donate to our Church using the possibility of a tax deduction? Then contact our Parish Office ( or our treasurer (