Build With Us

The Build With Us Group was established in 2004 to raise funds towards the cost of alterations to the Church and the New Pastoral Centre by planning and organising events such as the Annual Parish Dinner Dance, International Cuisine Evenings, BBQs, Musical Evenings, Quiz and Bingo Nights, Kids’ Discos, Auctions, Car Boot Sales and Raffles with the participation and support of members of the Parish. Events are always advertised in the bulletin and there have been many memorable nights. The aim is to keep the prices reasonable so that events are accessible to as many parishioners as possible. If you have an idea for a fund raiser yourself and can get a team together to make it happen then please let the office know. 

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The mission of the 'Build With Us' team is to plan and organise events in support of fund raising, and in doing so, to create an atmosphere that builds and strengthens the community bond in solidarity.


  • The first phase of the building work involved internal alterations to the church itself and, with the help of 'Build With Us', was completed in 2 years.
  • The second phase of the building plan was to create a suitable Pastoral Centre by renovating and altering the other buildings connected to the church. The area now accommodates a day chapel, a light and airy atrium, meeting rooms for Religious Education programmes (we need to cater for about 200 children each Sunday), and facilities for the Parish Office and staff rooms. The Centre was officially opened in October 2011.
  • The third phase was to finance major repairs to the church roof. This was completed late 2013.
  • The central heating system in the Church has been fixed, certified and is working. 
  • Some investment is needed to repair the Church building masonry work where the mortar between the brickwork has washed out and needs to be restored. 
  • The wood in some places of the Church and Pastoral Centre needs treatment to deal with woodworm problems.
  • The men's toilets need to be renewed. 
We still have a limited mortgage with the diocese and there are many issues that continue to need our financial attention - areas that need re-wiring, more roof repairs so the campaign will continue for the foreseeable future.


The international character of our church means that most of our parishioners are with us for only a few years. Creating a sense of 'ownership' of a church in a foreign country is therefore difficult, as many parishioners will not see the result of their investments in the long term. However, please consider the fact that this parish has been around for over 60 years and has grown into one of the largest in the Diocese.

What we enjoy now is the result of what people have invested in our community over several generations, and we are committed to ensuring that future generations are able to worship and practise their faith in English. What we build today we hand on to the future, and it is an investment in the Universal Church.

Through 90 nationalities working together we may experience this much more than in our original home parishes.

Any direct contribution to 'Build With Us' goes into a separate bank account (see below) and donations to this account will only be used for this purpose.


We hope that you will consider joining a 'Planned Donation Campaign'. For more information on how this can be done please contact the office.

It is, of course possible to make single donations and then the following are the bank details.The bank details are as follows:
Account number:
Account name:   Church of Our Saviour (Capital Fund)
IBAN number: NL91 ABNA0451899806
BIC number:& ABNANL2A
Bank name:  
Bank address:
Wassenaarseweg 101,
2596 CM, The Hague, The Netherlands