Dear Parishioners/Visitors,

During these uncertain times, we are all faced with new challenges.  Our plans and daily lives are totally uprooted.  With new creativity, we look for ways to reach out to each other and stay healthy, safe and sane.  We don’t know how long this situation will last, but we pray for it to end soon.  Our thoughts are with the elderly, sick and bereaved.  Also, many people face financial challenges with many obligations, but no income.

Apart from being attentive to each other’s needs as neighbors and volunteers, we can help each other by offering a listening ear on the phone, Skype or email.  We can also hold on the each other in prayer.  If you would like to offer a mass intention, then please email the parish office.

Naturally, offerings, rentals and donations have gone down dramatically.  If you would like to help your parish to keep going, then your financial support is also much appreciated.

Thank you for all your kindness.  We will see each other on the “webcam” for the coming weeks during masses.

Best wishes,

Fr. Sjaak

© 2018 Church of Our Saviour