Every once in awhile, things just need a good spring cleaning.  We are simplifying the organization of the information on our website to make it more logical, eliminate duplicate work, and remove outdated information.  The news page is now THE place to go for the latest parish-related news items.  News items will no longer be duplicated on the home page.

Some of your favorite items may have been moved.  Don’t panic- here is where they went.

Bulletin:  There will no longer be a weekly bulletin published on the home page.  The information that was previously included in the bulletin will still be on the website.  It will be posted as individual articles on the news page.

Daily readings:  The link to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website with the daily readings (previously on the home page) has been moved to the bottom of the news page in the section entitled, “Links to Catholic Resources”.

Resources page: The links on the former “Resources” page have also been moved to the bottom of the news page.  These include links to the Vatican website and app, and a link to the Diocese website.  The “Pope’s TED Talk” and the “Apostolic Letter for Modern Families” have been moved to the “Inspirational Thoughts” section at the top center of the news page.  The former “Resources” page has been deleted since it was no longer required.

We will be making some more changes during the next weeks.  When we do, we will update this post with the new locations for the information.

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