Altar Servers Recognized During Mass

June 11, 2021

During the morning mass on Sunday, 6 June, our parish officially recognized the many contributions made by our Altar Servers to our weekly liturgies and to our overall parish life. Father Sjaak and Deacon Paul were accompanied during the mass by a veritable flock of Altar Servers for this joyful event. Fr. Sjaak, on behalf of the whole parish, expressed his sincere appreciation to both the Altar Servers and their coordinator, Rodel, for their important work as an integral part of the liturgical team. Every week, even during the lockdown, the Altar Servers were there to support Fr. Sjaak on the altar. Their youthful energy and presence played a big part in keeping morale high even during the most restrictive parts of the year. A big thank you to all our Altar Servers!

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