Calling all parishioners, children and alumni- we need YOU!

On Christmas Eve 2020 we would like to all “come together” and bring each other some tidings of (much-needed) comfort and joy, in our COS Together at Christmas celebration. This event will be streamed to our community around the world and will include live and virtual Christmas performances by our choirs- and by YOU, our COS community! 

You can join in with this event in two ways:

Send us your drawings on the theme of Christmas, or any good quality photo of you/your family! We will feature all your drawings & photos as part of our COS Together at Christmas celebration.

Read further for more details.

Send us a video of you singing along to the traditional, heart-lifting Christmas carol “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” and you will become a part of COS’s first virtual Christmas community choir!

Read further for more details.

Join in and let’s come Together at Christmas and share some Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

Christmas drawing or photo

  • Send your drawings and photos as a JPEG file to:
  • Drawings and photos must be received by no later than Sunday 6th December
  • Please provide a full name & age (if under 18) for each drawing or photo
  • One drawing per person; one photo per family
  • If sending a photo please confirm your consent in your email to your photo being used on our website, live stream and YouTube channel



Virtual Christmas Community Choir

No singing experience needed, please just come and sing!

You Will Need:

  • A smartphone
  • A second device e.g. a computer or a tablet to play the sing-along guide track
  • Some headphones- if recording as a family, use individual or share your headphones to access the music
  • Music score of Hark the Herald Angels Sing

How Do I Record?

  • Plug your headphones into the device which is playing the sing-along guide track  (this could be a computer, a tablet or even another smartphone!)
  • Hit “record video” on your smartphone
  • Follow the instructions on the track in order to sync your singing with the rest of the track
  • Record yourself singing along to the guide track
  • Record a (brief) Christmas greeting to us all at the end of the song
  • The video must be recorded in landscape (horizontal rather than vertical), and must follow all the instructions on the guide track

Where Do I Send My Video?

  • You can send your completed video to Donovan Ledesma via We Transfer or Google Drive or WhatsApp +31 6 1738 4441
  • Provide your name(s) and country of residence and please confirm your consent to your video being used on our website, live stream and YouTube channel
  • Videos must be submitted by no later than Sunday 6th December
  • Please get in touch with Donovan if you have any issues