As is evidenced in our Mission Statement, work for Justice and Peace at both local and international levels has a high priority for our activities and energy. Every year we hold an International Food Fair which raises substantial funds which are then disbursed to small scale charities around the world (in 2018 the Food Fair will be held on Saturday 17th November, our 50th edition!). We are active locally where we provide two meals a month at a local Homeless Centre in The Hague (Westeinde 101), and also assist the Missionaries of Charity’s Soup Kitchen in Rotterdam. Throughout the year there are all manner of other actions large and small whereby we try to show our solidarity with those in need or in trouble. All of this is possible only as a result of our tremendous volunteers and the generosity of parishioners. Why not come and join one or other of the groups – extra hands are always welcome.

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Food Fair

COS Hand in Hand Refugee Project


Meals for the Homeless

Soup Kitchen Rotterdam