The Parish Board keeps a very close eye on the development of the financial situation and has decided to postpone a number of the projects such as the renovation of the tower clocks.

One project which will go ahead is an investment in improving our online streaming. This is our current life line which needs investment in order to improve the quality of this service; a service, which will continue after the pandemic has passed.

Currently, we are working on a budget for 2021 in which we will take into consideration the possibility that restrictions as a result of COVID-19 will remain in place for a longer period of time in the coming year.

Another year like 2020 would mean exhausting our working capital by the end of next year.

Needless to say, this is a scenario we would very much like to prevent!

Therefore, the Parish Board is looking into possibilities to reduce costs by, for example, renegotiating existing contracts, prioritising projects and also postponing projects.

Regarding the income of our Parish, we are currently looking into new initiatives for fundraising, such as advertising, for example. Your ideas are welcome!

Last but not least, we are very grateful for your generous gifts and contributions during these trying times for everyone.

If you want to see an overview of the numbers, please click here.

The Parish Board