What a wonderful mission to have, to help young children on an important faith building journey with Our Lord! Can there be anything more important?  Margaret van Emmerik and her team of teachers are committed to this purpose and have a promising group of 34 children for the 2021 First Holy Communion Program.

On certain Sundays after mass, online sessions are held so that the children and their families can continue with this very important Christian formation.   Many of our parishioners may be interested to hear about the creative ways in which Margaret and her team keep the children engaged. After all, most of them are just 7 or 8 years old, which is quite a tender age to discuss topics like Advent, Faith, Right & Wrong, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, etc. Children undertake creative activities at home, listen to stories from the Bible, read out aloud at the online sessions, and are encouraged to speak up —  all these ensure that the children are kept engaged and interested even if they are not together in a classroom. 

They are taught that the Ten Commandments are about loving God’s Laws, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is taught in a child friendly way, with the focus on forgiveness. The parents are active participants and important partners in this educational and spiritual journey, accompanying their children during their first Sacrament of Reconciliation with Fr. Sjaak and Fr. Bosco, just before they receive their First Holy Communion.   The children have taken to learning their prayers with unbridled enthusiasm, and have almost completed learning all of them, including the Our Father, Act of Contrition etc. Well done all of you! Margaret and the team spare no effort to make this interesting for the children even in COVID times.

Resources are always available digitally. Videos that are perfect for young children, like Father Francis’ animated series, are used to tell a story for them to learn important lessons in life. The children have also enthusiastically joined the COS Together at Christmas program and submitted a number of pictures and drawings.  The First Holy Communion Mass is planned for the end of April 2021.  Margaret and her team request you to keep these children in your prayers. We wish them a blessed journey and pray that they may grow closer to God during their faith formation. Thank you, dear Margaret and the teaching team. May God bless you abundantly.