From 1 July 2020, we are permitted to host a maximum of 100 people in church per mass/gathering. The below ‘ticket’ system will help us to control the number of people who arrive to attend mass.

We ask you to respect the guidelines from the government regarding health and safety. Not respecting the 1.5 meter distance can lead up to a fine of €400 per person. Overcrowding a space can lead to the closure of the venue.

We understand that this will be a new experience of attending mass and we thank you in advance for your understanding and patience, as we all adjust to these new circumstances.

For any questions, or to CANCEL your booked tickets, please contact:


-Tickets are Free!

-The maximum number of tickets per person is 1.

Every individual (of any age) needs to have their own ticket, with their specific name and information. This includes people from the same family: if for example you have a family of 4, you will need to book 4 separate tickets with 4 individual names.

-Please bring your ticket(s) with you (digitally or printed) to mass, and have them ready for scanning at the door! 

The only entrance to the church will be the main front church door, where an Usher will scan your ticket. Please make sure to arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your scheduled mass to allow extra time for this process. Please follow all instructions you receive from our Ushers at the door and inside the building, and respect social distancing while waiting in line to enter the church.

-Please limit your/your family’s mass attendance to a maximum of 2 masses per month.

This is to ensure that we can allow everyone in our community who would like to attend mass the opportunity to do so. Please bear in mind that under normal circumstances, we host approximately 1000 people here each Sunday. We are now reduced to a total of 200 people per Sunday.

The 10.00h Sunday mass will continue to be streamed live (and available for replay) here at, so please continue to join us there as well!

-Please inform the Parish immediately of any cancelations, by email to

In the event that you will not be able to attend your booked mass for any reason, please contact the Parish Office by email so we can adjust our records and open your spot(s) back up to others.