Every year, about 20% of our parishioners come into and leave our community. When it is time to say goodbye, many people say that they enjoyed being part of such a varied, vibrant and worldwide community. Many of our Alumni do in fact stay in touch through Christmas cards, emails, and visits when they are back in The Hague. It is always a joy to hear from one other; instead of saying “goodbye” we prefer to say, “see you again”.

This page is meant for Alumni to leave a message (coming soon!) and know that out of sight does not mean out of mind. We build on what you have left. Through your prayers, volunteer work, and donations, we are able still today to continue the good work to which you have contributed.

We are greatly in debt to the thousands of Alumni all over the world, who have been a part of our parish. On this website you can see what is going on in the parish today, and the various ways you can be a part of it, even from a distance.

Christmas 2018 Alumni Letter

December 2018
The Hague, The Netherlands

Dear Church of Our Saviour Alumni,

At the end of the year, it is good custom to extend greetings and to ask for blessings for the New Year. I hope you had a rewarding 2018, and that in times of sorrow or joy you felt the support of your loved ones and your faith.

At this point in time, when the church is under heavy criticism and needs to make serious changes in her structure and conduct, it is not easy to draw inspiration from religion and faith. In order to stay focused and positive here at the Church of Our Saviour in The Hague, we have chosen as our theme for the Pastoral Year: Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be Glad). Throughout the year we will celebrate all the good things that happen every day, but never make the headlines.

We had a record-breaking Food Fair, contributing to the roughly €100,000.00 we raise each Pastoral Year as a gift from our Parish Community to various charitable projects around the world. Hundreds of volunteers meet each other in the doing of good work, with people in and outside the church. Our refugee assistance project has become a structural part of our pastoral activity, with dinners, bus trips, language courses, and buddy matching, all taking place now as monthly events.

This year, we have also launched a new parish website with a guestbook page for our Alumni: www.parish.nl. Our former parishioner Mark Farrell has kindly volunteered to be our Alumni Coordinator.

In 2019, we hope to make our parish building greener and more energy efficient by installing solar panels. Here is where we would like to ask for your assistance, from wherever in the world you happen to be now. Your contribution towards this project will not only help us, but the entire planet. If you wish to contribute to this project, you may do so via:

IBAN: NL34 ABNA 059 9346 264 – SWIFT/BIC: ABNANL2A
Please make sure to note your contribution with “GREENTEAM PROJECT 2019”. As always, any amount would be hugely helpful and appreciated.

In the Autumn of 2019, I have planned a 4-month sabbatical period. Part of the program will be a long overdue trip to the United States. I hope to see some of you during this time.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and every blessing for the New Year. Thank you for all you have done for your old parish in The Hague. We continue the good work which you have begun and left behind, and always keep our doors open for your next visit. Please count on our prayers for you and your loved ones.

Season’s Greetings,

Fr. Sjaak de Boer MHM
Pastor – R.C. Church of Our Saviour