On Saturday, 28 November from 16:00- 18:00, Sinterklaas will visit our church for a “Pakjes Middag” for children from our Hand-in-Hand refugee outreach program.

This year we will not be able to host a large Sinterklaas party as we have done for many years in the Atrium.    Instead, we will invite 40 refugee children to meet Sinterklaas in the church on Saturday, 28 November between 16:00- 18:30. During their visit they will also receive a personal gift and a bag of traditional Sinterklaas treats.  This event will be conducted in strict compliance with the corona measures on social distancing and maximum numbers allowed in the church that are valid at that time. 

The good Sint needs your help to make this an stress-free and happy occasion for these beautiful children!

In the Atrium, beginning at 13:30.  Face masks and plastic gloves will be provided. As we will be preparing for between 42 and 44 children, this should be easily done within an hour and a half.

  • 5 volunteers to wrap and label the gifts for the children.
  • 5 volunteers to prepare bags of sweets and mandarin oranges.  

In the church, from 15:30- 18:30 (need to arrive on time- important instructions from 15:30- 16:00)

  • 3 volunteers to serve as ushers to seat the families at their designated seats and time slots, and to escort the children to the front of the altar to see Sinterklaas and receive their gifts. 
  • 2 volunteers at the back of the church to greet families who might be arriving too early, and to bring them to a waiting space until it is their turn to be seated in the church.

If you would like to get into the holiday spirit by volunteering for any of these roles, please contact Saki via the parish office.