Retired and emigrated.

Dear fellow parishioners, through this message we would like to say a warm goodbye to you all and especially to those that we are lucky to call our friends! In the Church of Our Savior, it is not exactly uncommon to see people come and go, and sometimes come back again…  still, often they say a personal goodbye to the congregation. Regrettably, for us things went slightly different. During the Covid lockdown we have not seen each other in Church for almost two years, and meanwhile  we decided that we could, and would, retire slightly early. When the restrictions were finally lifted earlier this year, we were already far in the process of preparation and in June/July have been up and down to Poland, where we live now in our summer house. Great nature and not bothered by a new crisis every day 😉 (no TV yet).

Having been COS members for more than 20 years, we have seen comings and goings, have made  and regrettably also lost good friends and acquaintances. We feel fortunate to have had good Shepherds in Father Sjaak and Deacon Paul and to have been able to participate in activities for the good cause, such as the Food Fair and Homeless Meals, with great pleasure. In future, we may still drop by occasionally. Until then, best regards to all of you, may the sun always be on your face, the wind at your back, and may God hold you in the palm of His hand.   

David de Knoop & Mira Lipniewska-de Knoop