First Holy Communion at the RC Parish Church of Our Saviour

The minimum age for First Holy Communion is 7 years old by October 1st of the school year.  Generally speaking, children prepare for their First Holy Communion when they are in second grade (ages 7 and 8).  The RC Parish Church of Our Saviour recognizes that sometimes children are older and still have not completed the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  We are happy to accommodate these special circumstances.  Sometimes families would like their child to prepare for First Holy Communion at the Church of Our Saviour but intend to have the Mass for their child in their home country.  This is not a problem.  We will work with you and your other Church to ensure that your child meets all their requirements and provide a letter to your parish.

Online Registration for RE classes for the school year 2024/2025 will open on the first week of July. Watch this space.  

Where and when do the First Holy Communion classes take place?

Classes meet during the school year after the Sunday morning Masses.  Class starts at 11:15 and ends at 12:00.  Our classrooms for First Holy Communion are on the first floor off of the atrium.   When planning the First Holy Communion school year calendar, we take into account the vacation breaks of the American School of the Hague, The British School in the Netherlands, the International and European Schools of the Hague as well as the Dutch school-year calendars.


When will the First Holy Communion Mass be?

The plan for the new school year 2024-2025 is for the First Holy Communion Mass to take place on Sunday 18 May 2025 at 12:30.

Scroll down below or download the RE calendar here.

What are the requirements for First Holy Communion?

We ask that both the parent and child attend Mass regularly.  All children making their First Holy Communion must be Baptized prior to the date of Communion.  If your child has not yet been Baptized, please contact the Parish Office at to arrange for your child’s Baptism.

As part of the preparation for First Holy Communion, the children are required to complete the Sacrament of Reconciliation during a special evening service.  In this child-friendly experience, the children will learn that God will always forgive them and that, just as God forgives them, they are expected to forgive others.

Additionally, all children preparing to make their First Holy Communion are expected to complete 2 hours of community service in one of our community service activities designed for the children.  The RC Parish Church of Our Saviour tries to instill a sense of stewardship in the children enrolled in our First Holy Communion program.  The aim is to help them realize that there are people in this world less fortunate than themselves and that as Christians we should look for ways to help those in need.

After you have completed registration for your child for First Holy Communion you will receive a link for the community service projects that are available for you to sign up for.

Please email the RE coordinator at  should you have further questions about the eligibility of your child for this Sacrament or any other religious education questions.


Parents meeting for First Holy Communion

If you have a child preparing to make their First Holy Communion, we have an important parents’ meeting that we request one parent to attend. During this meeting, we discuss everything that the children will be doing during the school year.  Dress attire for the First Holy Communion Mass, photography, and seating will also be discussed.  Additionally, all required paperwork for the Mass will be distributed and sign-up times for community service.