Children’s Liturgy

During Sunday morning masses we call the youngest of our community to learn about Jesus and the Gospel in a fun and engaging way. In the Atrium, next to the Church, we talk about exactly the same things that the grown ups are listening to, but we do this while having a lot of fun! We play, draw, sing and dance. We make new friends and we listen to the Word together.  There is no charge for Children’s Liturgy and no prior registration is required.

What is Children’s Liturgy?

Children’s Liturgy (CL) is, quite simply the Liturgy of the Word especially for Children! Our aim is to introduce the children to the teachings of Jesus in a way that they will enjoy, using music, songs, arts, crafts…whatever will help the children to learn the Gospel in a fun way that they will be able to enjoy and hold onto as they embark on their own journey of faith. However it is also our aim to introduce the children to the Liturgy of the Word in the way that it forms part of the “adult” mass, so the format and order of CL follows that of the Liturgy of the Word. We have a small “altar” at the front of the room and we endeavour to teach the children the concepts of reverence and respect. The children also participate in Lenten, Advent or other special campaigns – in past years, the children have baked cookies for the homeless shelter of St. Joseph’s Chapel in The Hague, they’ve also helped produce a model house to highlight a campaign to provide houses for the Kalinga Escalante village in the Philippines, and they’ve even built a model for a Fair Trade Shop!

Where does the Children’s Liturgy take place?

The children go to the Atrium for Children’s Liturgy and are led back to church by the altar servers and Children’s Liturgy leaders in time for the conclusion of the Liturgy of the Word. If the group is quite large, we divide the children into those aged 4-6 and those aged 7 and older. The older group listens to the gospel and does their discussion and activity separately. Siblings who would rather stay together are of course welcome to do so; in those circumstances we ask the older child to remain with their younger brother or sister.

Who is Children’s Liturgy for?

The Children’s Liturgy at Church of our Saviour is suitable for children aged between 4 and First Communion age and all children between those ages are very welcome. There is no need to register for Children’s Liturgy-the children need only come to the front at the beginning of the mass when Fr. Sjaak calls the children forward. You are welcome to come with your child to CL if for example it is their first time and you feel it would help them settle in more easily.

Who leads the Children’s Liturgy?

The Children’s Liturgy is led by volunteers of the Parish who work as a team to plan and prepare the Children’s Liturgy. The names of each week’s leader and assistants always appear in the Bulletin and you will see them lead the children to and from mass. Please don’t hesitate to speak to the leader after mass if you’d like to know more about what your child has done that day at Children’s Liturgy.

All of our volunteers are required to complete a background check (VOG).

Help Us

The leaders and assistants work on a rota basis. We are always in need of volunteers willing to lead or assist at CL and the rota system means that you would be likely to be leading/assisting every four to six weeks or so. Or-if you have any ideas for CL or could help on a one off basis with music or craft or anything else you think the children might enjoy-we’d love to hear from you! Please speak to any of the leaders or send an email to: