Food Fair

Every year a group of dedicated volunteers organizes our International Food Fair. Unique dishes from all over the world are prepared and sold during this yearly festival. Different booths, representing various nationalities compete in who will sell most of their delicious food. Volunteer teams come up with fantastic menus, cook incredible dishes, and serve excellent food. There is a yearly raffle with great prizes, and there is entertainment for the kids. All the money raised goes directly to charity projects all over the world.

Food Fair 2020: Takeaway

When the Committee for the Food Fair met about a month ago, none of us wanted to give up the essence of the event: to channel care from hand to hand, converting food from a primary need into an act of taste, beauty, and warmth. We knew though that physical contact had to be avoided and social distancing maintained.

There came the idea of offering a “Virtual” Food Fair, based on food ordering and takeaway: the same taste from some of the stands at François Vatelschool, a selection of food and cakes cooked and baked by the same people, because we won’t give up our wish to be a community and stay connected, our need to share, our gift to welcome, support and create joy.

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Food Fair’s History

We hold our International Food Fair each year on the third Saturday in November. It started back in the mid-60s with a very humble beginning of two tables selling toys and cakes. In 1968 we joined forces with the French community in the Edith Stein College in The Hague. After several years the French decided to have their own Food Fair. In the late 70s the Food Fair moved to the Aloysius College and remained until 2002. The College was undergoing renovations and as our volunteers increased in numbers and  reativity, it was time to move on. We were made very welcome at the François Vatelschool in Mariahoeve , our current venue. The Food Fair is a wonderful community event and brings people of all nationalities together, serving delicious food and giving their time, knowing that money raised goes to support projects of the poor and needy throughout the world, including The Netherlands. There is entertainment during the day. Sinterklaas pays a visit in the afternoon. The  International Food Fair is a living example of ‘The colours of a Rembrandt’ by way of over 50 wonderful years of mixing food, fun, volunteers and outreach.

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Can I buy more than one cake?

Absolutely! You can combine several items! It all depends on your generosity! 🙂 

How do I know if my order has been placed?

If all goes well, you receive an email with the invoice/receipt. This invoice will be used to pick up your package.

How do I pick up my order?

We expect you to bring the proof of your order: the receipt/invoice! Only with this proof we can hand you your most delicous packages. You can pick up your order on Nov 14, from 12pm to 5pm.

Can my order be delivered?

Yes, it can. But… we kindly ask you a donation for at least 5€ to cover the transportation. Also, the more you donate, the more you’re helping our church!

If I don't like what I got, can I ask for a refund?

Unfortunately not. We encourage you though to order something that you’re sure you’ll like and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction together with happiness for helping our community!

I don't like what I ate, can I return the food?

Due to the actual pandemic we are extra careful in packing your goodies so that we all can enjoy them healthy and safe. Therefore, once you get your order and leave the building, we can’t accept returns for the sake of higiene and safety of everyone. Thank you for your understanding!