Hand in Hand

The COS Hand in Hand Refugee Project aims to extend a welcoming sense of community and friendship for status holders by providing support, encouraging integration and helping to expand their social networks.

Download the latest Hand in Hand flyer here.

Current Projects

  • The Soul Kitchen:  These are monthly dinners prepared alternately by members of the refugee community and the COS international community.  These dinners provide an opportunity for volunteer and refugee families to meet each other in a delightful atmosphere of sharing delicious meals and comraderie.  Usually between 75 – 90 people attend these.
  • Buddy Project: One to one coupling with volunteers and documented refugees which provide opportunities for mutual learning of each other’s cultures, and help newcomers to feel at home in Holland.
  • Conversational Dutch lessons: Vluchtelingenwerk Den Haag refers students who wish to improve their conversational language skills in addition to formal courses they are already following.  Volunteers are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at COS.
  • The Praat Café:  a new initiative for a smaller group of volunteers and refugees to come together in a fun and informal setting to watch Dutch films, share ice-breaker games, and have small group sharings.  This is held every Monday evening at 19:00 in the COS Loft.
  • Outings:  at least twice a year, COS invites refugee families to join in day bus outings with our volunteers to learn and enjoy new places.  Included thus far have been trips to Belgium, the Kroller Mueller museum, and the Openluchtmuseum in Enkhuizen.
  • Bicycle lessons:  one to one lessons with a volunteer paired with someone wishing to learn how to ride a bicycle.

If you would like more information about our project, please contact Anthony Heinsbroek, Project Coordinator –  heinsbroekanthony@gmail.com, WhatsApp. 0633791294

If you’d like to volunteer please contact Saki Lee, Volunteer Coordinator – sakilee@gmail.com, WhatsApp 0655342134

“The Hollow Men” Monument

Our parish is honored to be the host of “The Hollow Men” monument, dedicated to the memory of the many refugees who died enroute to try to find a new life in Europe.  The memorial, located in the garden next to our church, is a place where anyone is welcome to say a prayer or leave floral tributes in their memory, or in memory of a loved one.  Since its inauguration in April 2021, it has become a focal point for various memorial services.

More information about the monument can be found in the following news posts on our website:

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Floral Tribute Adorns Monument