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An ecumenical memorial service will be held to honour the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who passed away last Thursday. The service will be held on Thursday 15th September at 11AM at the Anglican Church of St. John & St. Philip - Ary van der Spuyweg 1,...

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Open Monument Day

On the weekend of 10-11 September 2022, historic monuments throughout the entire country open their doors to the public in an annual event known as "Open Monument Day". It is an excellent opportunity to get a free look into some interesting historic buildings in your...

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Back by popular demand

A thought-provoking documentary, "Where Are You, Adam?" provides a rare glimpse into the daily lives of a group of Orthodox monks living and working in Docheiariou Monastery on the slopes of Mount Athos in the Agean Sea. The monks "accept the hardship, toil, and...

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Ukrainian photographer opens commercial studio

Natalia Martynets has recently opened a commercial photography studio in Scheveningen. She is a photographer from Ukraine and the parish would like to support her work. Check out her impressive portfolio on her website,

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Altar Flowers Dedication for Sunday,31 July

"Today’s altar flowers are dedicated by Paul and Jacki Donellan, “In thanksgiving for the many blessings received during our time in The Netherlands, especially being part of the Church of Our Saviour family.” If you would like to sponsor the altar flowers for any...

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Food Fair 2022

After two years without a Food Fair, it was wonderful to be able to come together again this year on Saturday, 11 June to celebrate our parish's rich diversity through sharing our local cuisines. Although smaller than Food Fairs of previous years, Food Fair 2022 was...

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Altar Flowers Dedication for Sunday, 5 June

If you would like to sponsor the altar flowers for any special occasion (in memoriam, wedding anniversary, birthday) or just in thanksgiving for your many blessings, please contact Cheryl Carr at

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Taize Evening on Pentecost Monday

On Pentecost Monday, 6 June, we will hold a Taize Evening in Church. Taize is a prayerful form of music, known for its simple, yet rich and meditative character. You are most welcome to come to our Church anytime between 6 PM – 9 PM for private prayer with Taize...

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