Fr. Sjaak was at Egmond Abbey in North Holland on Saturday 19 November to celebrate Mass with the community of Benedictine monks whose daily life of prayer and work focus on bearing witness to how good life is, when lived  in brotherly communion with God.  The care for the earth, entrusted to us, is central to this. 

The Abbey is also a place of prayer and meeting, of peace and quiet, where people feel at home and where they can catch their breath. To this end, they have a guest house where people can focus on becoming ‘free for God’, according to the motto of the house: ‘Deo Vacare’. 

Being free before God also extends to our neighbor an open attitude towards everyone who knocks on our door; a willingness to listen for those who want to pour out their heart; and a word of encouragement and peace to all who seek their way through life.

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