The COS Bollywood Evening on Saturday 12 November was a fabulous evening of music, Bollywood dancing, and delicious mouth-watering Indian food.

A master class on Bollywood dancing was conducted by Reema, with many parishioners (adults and kids) following her steps enthusiastically, dancing to scintillating Bollywood music.

Master of Ceremonies Oslando DeSouza ensured that the evening was filled with entertainment, games, and prizes which in turn, bolstered the experience of traditional Indian hospitality and warmth to our many guests.

Bollywood Evening would not have been such a success, were it not for the efforts of the organizing team under the able leadership of Genevieve DeSouza.

Our appreciation goes to her and her team of these extraordinary ladies:

  • Reema (Dance choreographer of Bollywood moves)
  • Laxmi (For the samosas and dessert)
  • Ujjwala (For the starters)
  • Jayasheela (Caterer who prepared the main dishes)

THANK YOU to all our volunteers, helpers, and the lively guests who made the Bollywood evening a wonderful success!

We thank the COS Social Events Team of Mirian Leverland, Cecilia and Arnaud Labre, for coordinating this evening.

We look forward to many such events in 2023, which will bring our parish together and build engagement in the aftermath of Covid.

UPDATE: The proceeds of the evening minus expenditures amounted to a total amount of € 1,234!