Meals for the Homeless continued their good work providing nourishing food for homeless people in The Hague over the Christmas holidays. In addition to warm, nourishing meals, they also put together 200 gift bags to hand out on Christmas Eve. Thanks to a group of hard-working students from the British School in the Netherlands who organised the collection, these bags were heavily laden with toiletries that were much appreciated by those who received them.

In 2020, the group was selected by the Diocese to receive a special Elisabethcertificaat, honoring those who have followed in the footsteps of St. Elisabeth van Thuringen. Also know as Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Elisabeth of Thuringen was renowned for her charitable works with the poor and hungry.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the team are looking forward to 2021 and getting back to “normal” meals, where the guests can sit in a warm room and enjoy a nice meal while chatting with their friends. “We miss you all and look forward to seeing you back sweating behind the dishwasher, but smiling and laughing with us,” says Isabelle, one of the group coordinators.

Friday, 3 January was the 1st meal the team prepared during calendar year 2021. Thank you to the chefs, Carole, Anna, Lillian, Anna-Rita and the BIG TOP CHEF Reena.  The next meal will be served on 28 January. On behalf of the entire team, Isabelle and Anne wish everyone a very happy, and hopefully more sociable, New Year.