As many of you are aware, housing in The Netherlands is in very short supply. This makes it especially difficult for students to find affordable places to rent whilst they are here studying. From time to time, the Parish Office receives phone calls or emails from people asking if we have any housing available for rent, or if we know of any people who have rooms available in their homes available to rent. Our parish does not have any accommodation for rent, nor are we in a position to act as an intermediary between people interested in renting out rooms and people looking for rooms.

We have, however, recently received information from a company called “Hospi Housing” which specializes in matching up people who have rooms available to rent and people looking for rooms to rent. They market their service as a sustainable way to make use of excess space in people’s houses to address the housing shortage. While we have no first-hand experience with their service, we are providing the information we received from Hospi Housing, should you be interested in checking them out. Further information can be found on their website,