Once again, we have had reports from parishioners who have received emails from individuals pretending to be Fr. Sjaak.

Fr. Sjaak will never contact you through an intermediate organization or website. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of any email you receive from our Parish, please contact the Parish Office.

Please note that the Church of Our Saviour requests your support financially through Tikkie or Paypal which can be found on our website or through direct transfer into the church’s bank account.

You should ensure that you are always directed to the website of the church that enables you to make your payment.

If there is a campaign for a specific cause, this is always made as an appeal by Father Sjaak at Mass or through a letter from the Parish Office.  

Emails and Whatsapp messages are sent with a qualifying statement on behalf of the Church of Our Saviour.  The Parish will never ask you to transfer money urgently, or directly to a third party. 

We request you to be alert to these potential scams and if you’re in doubt about an email or Whatsapp message received, purportedly from Fr. Sjaak or the Parish Office, please inform us immediately.   

Please be vigilant at all times.