Dear Parishioner, Parish Alumni, or Visitor,

Kerkbalans is an annual fundraising event for all churches in The Netherlands. Every January, parishes appeal to their members for financial support towards church building maintenance, staff salaries, and other projects to keep the parish going.

This year, Kerkbalans in the Church of Our Saviour (COS) focuses on COS Energy.

Given the global energy crisis, the world has seen energy prices at record levels. This makes it imperative to take necessary steps towards cost reduction as well as to preserve the environment, in keeping with the principles of Laudato Si’.  We look forward to adopting sustainable ways of energy efficiency in our Pastoral Centre.

Your support will make possible the installation of an energy conserving door, energy efficient glass windows, lighting, and replacement of the gas-based cooktop in the kitchen with induction-based equipment.

We hope that your participation in Kerkbalans 2023 will help us reach the goal of 20,000 for the COS Energy plans described above.

  • You may choose to make a onetime donation or fill out the donation form for a monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution. To do this, either click on Donation Form or copy and paste the following link:
  • You may also choose to use our Tikkie or Paypal QR codes to make your donation.

To all our regular donors who have continued to contribute and keep us afloat, thank you so much for your weekly, monthly, or yearly donations! You have made it possible for us to survive financially. We hope that you continue to do so, or even consider adding a donation to our Kerkbalans campaign. Long term donations of 5 years or more are eligible for tax deductions. Feel free to send an email to for more information.

We are extremely grateful for any amount you contribute for the upkeep of our spiritual home and Pastoral Center. However, if your financial situation does not allow you to participate, then we love you just as much, because your presence through prayer or volunteering gives energy to our parish too!

Sincerely Yours, 

COS Kerkbalans Team

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