Marriage Preparation- Spring 2023

March 17, 2023

On Thursday, 16 March, twenty two couples met for the first meeting of the spring 2023 marriage preparation program. The COS Loft was completely full of smiling faces. After so many postponed weddings during the pandemic, this is the largest group of couples that our parish has had in an marriage preparation course. We wish the couples the all best as they prepare for their special day and for their lives together as married couples.

Couples intending to get married are also welcome to complete their marriage paperwork in our parish. Once these papers are approved by the diocese, they are valid worldwide. If you and your fiancé(e) would like to do your paperwork in our parish, please get in touch with the office six months prior to the event to begin the process. We will need a recent copy of your Baptism Certificates.

If you would like to join the next marriage preparation course in October 2023, or to have your marriage paperwork done in our parish, feel free to contact the parish office via email with your marriage details. Please, remember to include your mobile phone number in your email.

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