Despite the lockdown and other corona restrictions, our Meals for the Homeless team continues to support the street pastor twice a month with hot meals for homeless people in The Hague. Since March 2020, a dedicated team of cooks and donors have been responsible for preparing and serving 1730 nutritious hot meals. Their efforts have been selected for special recognition by the Diocese of Rotterdam. The group is one of 23 selected by the Diocese to receive a special Elisabethcertificaat, honoring those who have followed in the footsteps of St. Elisabeth van Thuringen. Also know as Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Elisabeth of Thuringen was renowned for her charitable works with the poor and hungry.

The project will also be highlighted on the biennial 2020/2021 Diocesan calendar.

Florence Ekokobe from the Parish Board presented the award at the Pastoral Council Meeting on Tuesday, 8 December to Isabelle Pradier and Anne McMahon, who coordinate this important outreach program and accepted on behalf of their dedicated team. From our entire parish community, thank you Isabelle, Anne and team for your dedicated and selfless service to the needy in The Hague.