It has been more than a year since the start of COVID. The Meals for the Homeless team have continued to be very active during this time, and since March 2020, have served over 3050 meals to homeless people in The Hague.

Due to the covid restrictions, the team has been preparing takeaway bags instead of sit-down meals. The chefs prepare meals from home and then three people come in person on the actual day to prepare the takeaway bags. Making sure that the food is warm when it is handed out can sometimes be a challenge, but the team always meets any challenge with smiles on their faces. “We certainly miss the contact between our volunteers and our guests. We are looking forward to coming back to normal seated meals,” said Isabelle and Anne. Until then, the show must go on!

The team members are seemingly able to work miracles, and for only 2 euros per person, they are able to provide warm, nutritious three-course meals. A big THANK YOU to all our donors, chef cooks, and helpers! If you would like to support the team in this worthy endeavor, please contact Isabelle or Anne.

Meals for the Homeless

Isabelle Pradier and Anne Mc Mahon