A French Dinner on 10 December brought the total number of meals served by the team to 5500!   The meal for that day was dedicated to Jan van Waning who passed unexpectedly and joined his beloved wife, Rita. Jan and Rita were a big help to the Meals for the Homeless project over the years with cooking and financial support. Our deepest sympathy to their family. Jan and Rita will certainly stay in our thoughts at every meal for the homeless.

Due to the current situation, the chefs are once again preparing the meals in their own homes.
AWC prepared a delicious vegetable soup,
Marie-Sophie, Celine and Soraya made a formidable chicken blanquette. Congratulations to Lisandro and Timo, who prepared 40 nice portions of blanquet under the supervision of Celine. Well done guys! Thanks to our chef cook Reena, it was smelling sooooo good in the kitchen.
Catherine took care of the bread
Isabelle prepared aubergine a la sicilienne for the vegetarians. 
Yanina made a beautiful festive chocolate dessert,
BSN students cooked tasteful cookies and brought fruits.
Carol, was our multitasking marvel for the day. 

Thank you and well done everyone!

This meal was the last one for 2021. Next one will be 14 January 2022.

A big “THANK YOU” for the volunteers, who cooked over 5500 meals from their homes during the last 1-1/2 years. It was not easy for them to prepare such large quantities of food in their own kitchens, but they brilliantly took up the challenge. Thanks to their effort, the quality of the meals has always been of a high standard. Great job, ladies! The team would also like to thank the generous donors whose donations made it possible to purchase and prepare the meals.

More information about the Meals for the Homeless team, including a short video they made about their work, can be found on their page on the outreach section of our website.

If you would like to help out, you would be most welcome to join the team. Please contact Isabelle and Anne at homelessdinnerscs@gmail.com