On Thursday 24 November, the Parish Board met for a Thanksgiving dinner in The Hague, to give thanks for another year of blessings on the COS parish community and to say thanks to Hans Bloemen and Marcel van Adrichem for having served on the Parish Board for 8 years.

It was also a great opportunity to welcome the new Treasurer Patrick Lemmens.

There was incredible camaraderie and bonhomie around the table with speeches and Sinterklaas poems.            

The Board is grateful to the parish community for their unstinting generosity at all times and for the support that the Board receives for all its projects and initiatives to keep our community still standing and thriving despite worldwide turmoil.

We are thankful that our numbers are increasing and mass attendance is steady. That’s very encouraging in a secular country like the Netherlands.

May God continue to bless our parish with positive energy and life, for many more years to come.