The Pastoral Council comprises of the Group leaders in our Parish and meets twice a year to create a strong sense of community and to facilitate common awareness of the various initiatives in our parish.

The final meeting of 2022 took place on 6th December.

  • The meeting began with a Mass in the Atrium, where Group leaders had the opportunity to update everyone present on the status of their activities and to discuss any support they required from the Parish. 
  • Fr. Sjaak emphasized the need to effectively manage the energy usage of the parish, particularly in light of the rising costs of energy and in solidarity with Pope Francis’ encyclical – Laudato Si’
  • The parish treasurer Patrick Lemmens shared the financial highlights for 2022 and the budget for 2023.
  • Stephanie Wellink of the Communication Team shared the Parish’s new communication strategy that included the launch of COS social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

The evening ended with a celebratory drink in the bar, where group leaders were able to mingle with each other and raise a glass, for the achievements of the past year.