Praat Café: A Hand in Hand Refugee Project

January 1, 2022

After a long Covid break, the Praat Café resumed face-to-face meetings after the summer of this year. The Praat Café was started in November 2018 as an initiative of the Hand in Hand Refugee Project, within the Justice & Peace Ministry of our parish.

The meetings were held on the first and third Monday evenings of every month at the Lola Bikes and Coffee café in The Hague. During these sessions, a group of Dutch-speaking volunteers and refugees came together in a fun and informal setting to get to know each other, have small group talks, and share ice-breaker games.

This was a great opportunity for our refugee friends to have one-on-one Dutch conversations every other week to help them learn and speak Dutch. More importantly, connectedness, brotherhood, and friendship went over and beyond mere language benefits. There was so much laughter and joy that people could hardly wait for the next session!

Unfortunately, due to the new Covid restrictions, the last session had to be canceled. We hope to resume this life-changing activity as soon as restrictions allow us in the new year.

If you would like more information about Praat Café or would like to volunteer, please contact the Parish Office and we will put you in touch with the project coordinator, Anthony Heinsbroek.

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