Two new members have been added to the Praatcafe coordination team. Ees de Jonge (on the left) and Yme de Bruin will now be working with Anthony Heinsbroek to help organize the group.

The Praatcafe is an initiative of our Hand-in-Hand refugee project. The group meets in the atrium of our parish center on Mondays from 19:00- 20:30. The goal is to provide an informal setting for refugees to practice and improve their conversational Dutch. Volunteers from our parish help to facilitate the conversations. It has proven to be popular and attendance has been increasing.

New volunteers are welcome. If you can speak Dutch, like to talk to people and would like to help people to improve their command of the Dutch language in a friendly and informal setting, maybe the Praatcafe is a good volunteer opportunity for you. If you are interested in volunteering for the Praatcafe, please contact Anthony and his team through the parish office ( for more information.