Silent auction of Icon

December 9, 2023

Many of you may know Odile van der Hoff, a long-time parishioner. She is a very talented artist who paints icons and she is offering her latest work, a beautiful icon of the Mother of God Kardiotissa, in a silent auction.

This icon depicts the Holy Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child. Her title,“Kardiotissa”, (Greek) means “From the Heart”.

Odile with Icon

The two abbreviations in Greek next to the halo of the Virgin on the left and on the right (pronounced as Mèter Theou) form the words ‘Mother of God’, and the letters underneath the word ‘Mèter’ on the left form her title ‘Kardiotissa’. The Greek letters near the head of the Christ Child (IC XC) are an abbrevation of the name “Jesus Christ” (IHCOYC XPICTOC).

On her garment we can see 2 stars, the 3rd is not visible. The 3 stars symbolise her eternal virginity (past, present and future).The decoration on the garments of both Mother and Child indicate their royal and heavenly status.

Odile painted the icon has by hand, using the ancient egg-tempera technique. The background is not gold paint, but genuine 23,5 carat gold leaf.

This icon has been varnished for protection and a hook is fastened at the back. Father Sjaak blessed the icon on the 1st of December 2023.

If you would like to make a silent bid on the icon, you can fill out one of the forms on the St. Joseph altar, or contact the Parish Office.

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