Back by popular demand

August 26, 2022

A thought-provoking documentary, “Where Are You, Adam?” provides a rare glimpse into the daily lives of a group of Orthodox monks living and working in Docheiariou Monastery on the slopes of Mount Athos in the Agean Sea. The monks “accept the hardship, toil, and suffering involved in a life lived for Christ and for the monastic ideal. Their life, as their music, is a touching, authentic cry to God on behalf of man and nature that cannot help but draw the viewer in.”

“The monks before my eyes are men of flesh and blood, neither hovering in mid-air nor walking on water. They begin each day with common prayer in the middle of the night, followed by work in the kitchen, in the orchards and gardens, or at monastery construction sites, all the while offering uninterrupted hospitality to their many guests.”

The documentary, by Ukrainian filmmakers Oleksandr Zaporoshchenko & Oleksandr Plyska, was 5 years in the making. The documentary was recently reviewed by Katholiek Dagblad. You can read their review (in Dutch) here.

It will be showing in The Hague for the 3rd time at 16:00 on Saturday 10 September at Filmhuis Den Haag (subtitled in Dutch).

For more information about the documentary or the filmmakers, download the media kit for the film here.

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