The last few months of this pastoral year have been busy with ‘’catching up’’ events. Many postponed baptisms (74) and weddings (24) are being rescheduled, prepared and celebrated.

The number of house blessings is also on the rise. All this together with a large increase in rental requests has demanded a lot from our office staff. During the summer, we hope to slow down a bit and take some time off for recreation and reflection.

We have all come out of a busy and unpredictable year with many plans being made, cancelled and rescheduled.

For this summer, my wish is that we all have some time for the fundamental questions that the global synod puts in front of us. What are our priorities? What gives us lasting joy? How do we share our resources to achieve this?

In walking and talking together about our passions and motivations, we inspire each other with our personal (faith) stories.

The war in Ukraine has shown us how the quality of life can change overnight and how every day matters for creating and nurturing good memories.

I hope that this summer will help us to find some inner peace and contentment for ourselves and our families. If the world does not offer that peace, then we need to look for it somewhere else.

May our time of recreation, rest, and gratitude for the small things in life, help us this summer to find some of that peace.