The darkness grows and the days get colder.

The streets are decorated with festive lights, even though we wonder where the money for the energy bills will come from over the next few months.

We enter the festivities at the end of 2022 with mixed feelings. On one hand, we feel blessed that after 3 years of holiday lockdowns, we are finally free to celebrate and travel. On the other hand, the world is not like it was before the pandemic. We all changed, the world changed, and Christmas feels different.

With so many uncertainties for the coming year because of sky high inflation, the buildup of military tension in Ukraine, and seeing the needs of refugees and poor people increase on our doorstep, we pray and hope for better days.

In his recent film “The Letter”, Pope Francis points out the urgency of caring for our planet and people. The time to act is now. If we want a better tomorrow, we need to take steps for our wellbeing and sustainability today. Our Christmas season can bring glad tidings when we make the ancient words our own – “Peace to all people on earth!”

The Saviour we prepare for at Advent is also born through what we do and say. We can make Christ visible by taking care of our neighbors as ourselves, and of our Earth as our common home.

Advent prepares the way for such glad tidings and the incarnation of the Word. We have heard and written many words and promises, and now is the time to bring them about.

The incarnation of the Word in today’s world means making God visible by taking responsibility for the creation that he entrusted to our care. May we continue the good work that God has started in us and bring it to completion.

Happy November and Advent.