Spring is here.

On Palm Sunday we welcomed over 1700 people in church. It set the tone for a wonderful start of the Easter celebrations in our parish. With 11 adults entering the church, over 80 children receiving their First Holy Communion, and more than 30 teenagers being confirmed, we have lots of reasons to rejoice.

Twelve babies will be baptized over the next few weeks and many couples are currently preparing to celebrate their weddings. With many churches closing in The Netherlands, the migrant churches were called a sign of hope in the Easter edition of the Elsevier magazine.

When you consider that we have 101 new parish volunteers who signed up during the Lenten Campaign 2024 for community service, then there is indeed hope for the future.

All the above happy news stands in stark contrast with what is happening in our world. With wars raging on in Gaza, Ukraine, and many armed conflicts in Africa and Central America, many people feel uncertain about the future and worry about many things. When times are troubled, the need for faith, hope, and love increases.

At the Church of Our Saviour, we continue to celebrate life in good times and in bad. Offering a sacred space and a safe shelter for people’s joys, talents, faith, and fears is an ancient mission that never grows old.

We live in a country that is known all over the world for its beautiful season of spring and flowers that bloom throughout the year. During this season we see the unique combination of science and nature coming to fruition in the most spectacular display of colours in our gardens and parks.

One day of war pollutes and destroys more of nature than we can calculate in the short term.

May this beautiful season of spring remind us to treat our planet and all living creatures with respect. Our quality of life lies for the most part in our own hands. It is a perfect season for being grateful for the gift of life and nurturing its growth.

I wish you and your families the blessings of the Resurrection and abundant peace.

Fr. Sjaak