We are getting close to the end of this pastoral year. This year 2022 is dedicated to rebuilding our community. After corona, we are getting into a new routine to build up our groups and activities again. Life has changed and so has our approach to dedicating time to volunteer work and group events.

A living and vibrant Christian community is built on the celebration of the sacraments, community work, and outreach combined with a time for personal reflection. We hope to start the new pastoral year on Sunday 11 September with new energy and initiatives. Please follow our liturgies and website to see the events and needs that are present in the parish.

This summer will be particularly challenging because of the support for Ukrainian refugees and the ongoing care for others who are hard hit by inflation and the rising prices of the costs of living. Through a healthy balance between ‘Ora et Labora’, we can continue to do the good work we are called to do.