English Translation of a Prayer from the Dutch Bishops

God, Refuge in our need,
Strength in our anxiety,
Comforter in sickness and suffering,
Be close to your people, as we all experience the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Protect those who suffer from the virus.
We pray for healing and recovery.
We pray for those who have died as a result of this virus, that they may be sheltered in Your eternal love.
We pray for all who work in health care and public administration, that they may experience Your closeness.
Bless them in their dedicated service to society.
Help us to experience the grace of Your love.
Be with us as we experience how fragile life is.
Strengthen our faith and hope, so that we may humbly surrender to your Fatherly providence.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

© 2018 Church of Our Saviour