On 12 June, 2020, the Meals for the Homeless team prepared 90 bag meals at Westeinde.  These were given to the street pastor team for distribution to those in need.

This included:

  • 60 delicious fried rice chicken boxes from Reena and Anne

  • 30 delightful vegetable Roast Tomato pasta dishes from Martina

  • 90 “lekker” cakes from Margaret, donated in loving memory of Cecilia’s parents

  • 90 nice bags of sliced bread from Catherine

  • 90 fruits

  • bonbons

Thank you all for your generous donations of food and time!

The next meal will be prepared on Friday, 26 June 2020.  If you would like to help out with this important service to the homeless community in The Hague, then please, contact the team at homelessdinnercs@gmail.com

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