Church Cleaning- 27 February

February 1, 2021

Church cleaning for this month is on Saturday, 27 February. Doors open at 08:30. Volunteers are most welcome.

The Church Cleaning group takes care of cleaning our Church once a month, usually on the last Saturday of the month. The group has a core of dedicated individuals who commit to this incredible ministry every month. And in the time of COVID-19, where there is extra emphasis on sanitizing the pews and ensuring that the church galleries are clean, there is always a need for more willing hands. 

Here are some of the thoughts shared by some members as to why they are part of the Church Cleaning ministry.

’The COS community is dear to me and the church is the place where we come together.’’

‘’I am glad I can make a contribution in this way for the benefit of all.’’

‘’A way to be humble and I am reminded to be humble.’’

‘’Networking and a way to meet others (and often Father Sjaak) and be updated with news on the parish.’’

‘’A way for me and for the community (so I also do it for the parish community) to enjoy Mass more, since the celebration is in a clean place.’’

‘’A way to say thanks to the Lord for the good things happening in my life.’’

‘’The reason I want to be part of the cleaning team is my own way of serving in the house of God.’’ 

‘’I  see my contribution to church cleaning as a way to serve God and also as a way to do something nice for the church and the community. In addition, thanks to the friendly cleaning group coordinators and members, cleaning the church has always been a joyful activity for me.’’

Our most grateful thanks go to the Church Cleaning coordination team who continue to do great service during the COVID crisis, ensuring that we are able to worship in a clean and sanitized environment. Contact Clarena at to find out how to join this ministry

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