Harvest Mass- 14 November

October 29, 2021

On Sunday, 14 November we will give thanks for the Fruits of the Earth and the bounty provided by the Lord.  Traditionally, this occurs the weekend before Food Fair – but as you know, this year is somewhat different (once again)!  

We invite you to bring vegetables, fruits and (especially) non-perishable food and kitchen staples such as canned goods, sugar, tea and coffee to the church on Sunday, the 14th.  Unfortunately, not everyone wanting to contribute will be attending Mass, so we ask those of you unable to be with us on that Sunday, to bring your foodstuffs on Saturday, 13 November and leave them in the Mary Chapel. These will be collected and placed on the altar for blessing after which they will go to those in need.  Many thanks for your kind support of our Harvest Mass, held on the 5th World Day of the Poor.

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