Overview of Pastoral Year 2020-2021

July 1, 2021

The Pastoral Year 2020-2021 proved to be a busy year for our parish despite the pandemic. Here are the highlights for each month:



Wonderful summer month

Restrictions eased

Atrium was painted and maintenance work done


Meet the parish half digital/ half live

Couples Group, confirmation group, and other groups start with high hopes for better days


Friday noon masses started in church

Funeral of Beryl Pavey

RCIA candidates introduced


All Souls online

The Engagement Team started with newsletters

No Food Fair but COS Food is initiated

Sinterklaas feast for Refugees

Interreligious meeting


Hard Lockdown started

Empty & cold church

Live stream becomes a lifeline

Christmas masses with 30 people

Crib stays till 02 February

COS virtual Choir Concert

New Youth Group starts

Advent giving Tree campaign big online success

Pastoral Council


Parish office remains open behind closed doors

Atrium turns into a living room for counseling

Kerkbalans online for our own parish deficit from 2020


New Livestream system installed

Distribution of ashes in small groups


Lenten campaign COS KEY Connection

Palms in the church entrance

Last year’s postponed confirmations celebrated


Holy Week with 80 people per service

Monument for Refugees placed in our garden

Virtual Choir for Easter


First communions continue in small groups

13 Confirmations on Ascension Day

Refugee concert

Samosa campaign for Indian COVID victims


Mass attendance increases from 30 to 80, then to 130, and finally to 200

Parish Board met with Group Coordinators individually

COS Food project raises a total amount of 11.000,- euros

20th anniversary of UN World Refugee Day. The final blessing of morning Mass in church garden in front of the monument for refugees

Father’s Day. “We will not perish in the Storm”

Restrictions ease

Year in numbers:

3050 Meals for the Homeless were prepared

36 Funeral meetings for close by and far away from loved ones

31 Baptisms

09 RCIA Candidates

45 First Communions

24 Confirmations

12 House Blessings

14 Postponed Weddings still to be done

04 Renewal of Wedding Vows

Hundreds of (first) Confessions


Every week counseling sessions around divorce, addictions, depressions, loneliness, and sickness. Frustration about not being able to go to church. Constant planning and canceling of meetings and events. Endless zoom and team meeting sessions. Decreasing income. Increase in appeals for help and support.


  • Through live streams, a wider audience at Mass is connected with the parish
  • Many alumni are back
  • Lots of solidarity from many volunteers (registrations, care for the lonely and poor, maintenance, office)
  • We had extra time to clean up and clear up
  • We had more time to pray and walk and talk
  • No need to spend 300,- euros every Sunday to heat the church


Many thanks to all our volunteers, parishioners, and parish staff who helped keep our parish still standing after this challenging year. We look forward to a new pastoral year in September with renewed hope and energy!














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