Two unique, hand painted icons of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel will be on display in church until Sunday, 20 December. They will be auctioned, and the proceeds will be divided (50/50) between our parish and the artist, who has been painting icons in the Russian tradition for several years. She is a parishioner and a meditator in the Christian tradition.



The holy Archangel Michael is one of the most celebrated angels. He is also called in Greek: Archistrategos, or Head Commander, of all heavenly armies. He plays an important role as protector of the Church. According to Holy Scripture he has fought many battles for mankind; he is the defender of the Christian faith.

The name Michael means ‘Who is like God?’ The Archangel Michael appears in the Book of Daniel (10:13) to help the Archangel Gabriel to defeat the Persians. In the Book of Revelation (12:7-10) Michael and his angels win the apocalyptic end battle against the dragon and his angels.

He is thus considered the patron saint of soldiers in Christianity.



The holy Archangel Gabriel is well-known as the messenger of God. His name means ‘God is my strength’.

According to the Gospel according to Luke it was Gabriel who predicted the coming of St John the Baptist to Zacharias (1:16-20). Zacharias asks him whether his message is correct. The reply is: I am Gabriel who stands in the presence of God and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings. It was Gabriel who announced the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ to Maria (1:26-38).

Gabriel announced the coming of the Messiah to Daniel (8:16 and 9:20-27) and he is also believed to be the angel of the Lord who brought the good tidings to the shepherds that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Eve (Luke 2:9).



Details of the Auction

A reserve has been placed on the sale of these 2 icons. There is no charge for the artist’s work. Details of the reserve are to be found below. The threshold amount of the reserve per icon is Euro 450, –. If you would prefer to acquire these two Archangels together as a set, a discount of 5% will be applicable.

The reserve includes:

  • The cost of the 2 handmade wooden icon panels (quality wood: oak for the Archangel Gabriel, linden for the Archangel Michael); the panels measure 23 x 31 cm and have a raised border with an arch.
  • The cost of the 12-weeks course, consisting of 3,5 hour icon painting per week (42 hours of prayerful painting of each icon –  84 hours in total – under the guidance of an experienced teacher).
  • The cost of transportation to and from the course (2-hour drive every week).
  • Genuine gold leaf has been used for the halo, the wings and the letters.
  • The ancient and traditional technique of tempera has been used to paint these icons.
  • They have been blessed during a Roman Catholic Church celebration for which a donation was made.

                                     Date of the draw: Monday 21 December 2020

How to bid

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